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It’s more than a hashtag; it’s a movement!

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Join us in creating the future we deserve by making a commitment to disrupt the doom scroll

🎉✨ Get ready to amplify love and empowerment with TEP’s #LouderWithLove campaign! ✨🎉

We’re calling all hearts, all voices, all champions of love! It’s time to transform the endless sea of doom scrolling into a tsunami of support, positivity, and care for our vibrant 2TIGE community members. Here’s how you can add your echo to the roar:

1️⃣ Tag 🏷️ – Call out to 3 people you adore on your favorite social media platform. Let them know they’re the melody to your harmony in this symphony of love.

2️⃣ Post 💌 – Craft a message that’s a beacon of blessings! Brighten someone’s day with kind words and make sure to sprinkle #LouderWithLove to join the chorus.

3️⃣ Pass it on 🔄 – Encourage your tagged loved ones to keep the love chain going by tagging and uplifting another trio of treasured souls.

🌐 Or, if you’re feeling extra generous:

4️⃣ Donate 💛 – With just $3, you can lay another brick in the foundation of support for our 2TIGE family. Click the link below and watch love multiply!

Why is TEP launching this?

black and non-binary person appearing stressed

Things are heavy!

Over the last decade or so, all of our communications channels and news feeds have been inundated with misinformation and an increase in hate.


Staying exhausted keeps people in crisis

People who live in communities with higher levels of racial prejudice have worse health outcomes, including more heart disease and mental health problems and higher overall mortality rates, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.


Doom scrolling is hurting everyone’s mental health!


Doom scrolling falsely allows us to believe we’re in control during a time when everything else feels so out of control.

Continuously exposes us to negative news and a barrage of information that can increase anxiety and keep us from sleeping at night.

Can perpetuate feelings of distrust and isolation, leading to increased periods of mental unwellness.

It is essential to recognize the transformative power of joyful messaging. By consciously choosing to engage with positive and uplifting content, we nurture a culture of hope and resilience. Joyful messaging acts as a beacon of light, guiding us through challenging times with a reminder of the beauty and strength that lies within each of us and our community.

Jack Knoxville

Founder/Executive Director

graphic depicts a collage of images showcasing love and joy on the faces of multiple people across the gender spectrum.
Founder Jack Knoxville shares his message using #LouderWithLove
TEP staff share messages using #LouderWithLove

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