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Whether you are an influencer for a community of 5 or 5 million, we’ll help you learn how to use your own channels to influence equitable change across the US.

From leading fundraising streams to leading change, we appreciate your help in doing some of this heavy lifting needed to keep the 2TIGE community safe!


Please note: We are no longer working with Brandfluence. Thank you to Brandfluence and all of the amazing streamers who worked with them to support us in the past.

If you worked with Brandfluence/Softgiving or some other 3rd party to stream with us in the past, and would like to work with directly, please use the form above to contact us!

In 2023, TEP had over 675 clients request over $1.5M in direct aid from across 42 states in the US

Here’s what we learned:

Roughly 65% of our clients are 2TIGE-BIPOC 

Folks who are BIPOC are more likely to experience discrimination, obstacles, and or barriers to accessing vital resources.
Just over 55% requested food 

To put that into perspective, according to the Food Research & Action Centeramong the general population:

  • One in 20 (5.1 percent) households in the U.S. experienced very low food security, a more severe form of food insecurity, where households report regularly skipping meals or reducing intake because they could not afford more food. 
  • Whereas for the 2TIGE community at least 1 in 2 are experiencing food insecurities. Meaning 2TIGE community members are experiencing hunger at a rate that is 10 times higher than our cis-counterparts!


At least 1 in 5 was facing housing insecurities within a week of filling out our application for assistance. 

This community needs help now! Ready to answer the call?




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