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I Escaped Female Genital Mutilation

I Escaped Female Genital Mutilation

[Trigger warning: The story below addresses the very real violent experiences that our Trans siblings across Africa have been faced with. This story is emotionally intense and at times, graphic. We urge you to put any discomfort you have into action so that no one is...

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Black Poetry Day 2023 – Mo Viviane

Happy Black Poetry Day! This day means so much to me. As a teenager growing up in a small town in Kentucky, I was given the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts back in 2011. I was accepted into the Creative Writing program, where most of...

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Black Poetry Day 2023 – Jacquii Cooke

In 1827, the English poet, literary critic, philosopher, and theologian Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined poetry as “the best words in the best order.”  He further wrote, “When we write, we string words together like beads, ever mindful of color and shape, the powerful...

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Black Poetry Day 2023 – Jack Knoxville

  Jack Knoxville is the founder and Executive Director of Trans Empowerment Project. In addition to his activism, Jack is also a prolific writer and poet. In celebration of Black Poetry Day, here is a sampling of some of Jack’s work.   I’m too Angry I’m too angry...

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Take Back the Narrative: The Work of K Pontuti

A narrative on identity and art by artist, filmmaker, and professor K Pontuti  I grew up in a small farm town in Ohio at a time where there wasn’t any language around queerness or transness—at least nothing positive. It was also a time without the internet so...

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Take Back the Narrative: El & Elliott – A Love Story

In the burgeoning digital age, it is not uncommon for couples to meet online, and this is exactly how El and Elliott first connected. Elliott submitted a personals ad looking for friendship and dates, and El excitedly answered the call. During their first in-person...

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