Trans Mentorship

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Need a Hand Up?

Being 2-TIGE  in a world that prioritizes Cis Identities can be difficult, especially when we are isolated and made to figure things out on our own. TEP is here to offer you support as you maneuver through the various facets of Trans experience.


It’s Time We Lift Each Other Up!

In a world that prioritizes Cis Identities- their experiences, their narratives- being anything other than Cis can be challenging. Trans people are taught all about how to be Cis, so when they realize they aren’t, they can experience a lot of discontent and confusion. You end up questioning yourself- who you really are, what being Trans even means, how you can become the person you want to see in the mirror, where you can feel supported and safe. Often times we tackle all these questions on our own, but with the Trans Mentorship Program TEP is changing that!

Our Trans Mentorship Program is a 6 month long endeavor in self discovery, in which Mentors support Mentees in finding themself, finding community, and finding the courage to advocate for our right to joyful existence!

As a Mentor, lend a hand to your Trans siblings! Let them know they aren’t alone. Lend them the wisdom you earned through experience and help them overcome the obstacles you once struggled to face.

As a Mentee, find the help you need to live as your true self! Set goals for how you want to navigate your Trans Journey and let your Mentor guide you to where you seek to be.

Together we’ll conquer issues ranging from questioning your identity, to dealing with transphobia, to meeting your transition goals, and to building relationships with your community.

Please Note: At this time we are unable to support youth participation on either end. Please be patient as we endeavor to remedy this exclusion. However, as it stands currently, you must be 18 years or older to participate. Thank You!


We are currently accepting Mentee applications for January-July 2024. Please be aware that there are a limited number of Mentors available and, in the event we exceed capacity, you may be waitlisted for the next Journey Period. Thank you!

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