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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining Trans Empowerment Project as a volunteer!

With your support, we know we can make significant strides toward creating a world where everyone, especially our Disabled 2 Spirit, Trans, Intersex, and Gender Expansive (2TIGE) community, is empowered and supported in living their best lives.

Volunteering with TEP is more than just giving your time; it’s about making a tangible difference, connecting with a compassionate community, while protecting the rights and dignity of those we serve.

Together, we can (and will) build a stronger, more inclusive future.

Are you ready to take the next step in advocating for equity and joining a cause that excites and inspires? Use the info below to get started on your journey with us, today!

This call for volunteers is a promotional graphic which shows a group of volunteers at a pride celebration (in a circle) on the top right. With an encouragement to join as a volunteer.

Who/What is TEP looking for?

Photo shows Jack Knoxville posing with a volunteer posing in front of a completely packed car full of clothing donations for the community, in 2017

We need supporters, not saviors!

Equity only happens when Disabled, 2TIGE community members who are also BIPOC are centered in the solutions around us.

It’s going to take serious work to get there, and it shouldn’t only be Disabled, 2TIGE, BIPOC to make it happen. 

So we’re calling in our accomplices to help us do the heavy lifting. So that together, we can  build actual, long-term sustainable and cultural change as a community.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to ensure that more members of this and every other community can own a piece of the work in advancing equity, as we build the equitable future that we all deserve.

Ready to answer the call?



Volunteer Actions, News, and Updates

Understanding the Anti-Homosexuality Act

Understanding the Anti-Homosexuality Act

Written by Lucretia Ssenyonojo On August 9, 2023, the Ugandan Constitutional Court upheld the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which criminalizes same-sex relationships and imposes harsh penalties, including life imprisonment. This decision has sparked widespread concern and...

Finding Gender Euphoria at a Clothing Swap

Finding Gender Euphoria at a Clothing Swap

Despite the fact that clothing is one of the most abundant resources on our planet, especially in the United States, where we are high subscribers to fast fashion, it can be incredibly difficult to access gender-affirming clothing that is affordable for our community. 

From the discomfort of trying to shop in what may be an unaffirming and potentially unsafe space, to not having the cash needed to get the affirming clothing we want/need, clothing is one resource that the 2TIGE community is always in need of. 

Embracing All Shades of Womanhood: Getting “Louder With Love”

Embracing All Shades of Womanhood: Getting “Louder With Love”

By: Heather Knoxville (she/they) In a world that too often echoes with division, Trans Empowerment Project (TEP) hopes to stand as a beacon of unity and love, especially through our transformative "Sisterhood Not Cisterhood" program. As we encourage folks to join our...

[Call to Action] Show Solidarity with the Unhoused

[Call to Action] Show Solidarity with the Unhoused

Today, a critical moment unfolds before the Supreme Court—a moment that will invariably leave deep imprints on the fabric of our collective conscience and on the lives of countless individuals across our nation. The city of Grants Pass, Oregon, has brought forth a...

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women Are Making History Today

While my Trans identity is only a part of who I am and does not define me, my womanhood does. So, I adamantly refuse to be excluded from conversations about women's issues; all women, regardless of their background or identity, deserve a seat at the tableMarch marks a...

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