Squash the Cistem

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What is Squash the Cistem?

Squash the Cistem is a coalition space exclusively created for 2TIGE community leaders who are working to advance change through areas including education, advocacy, social justice, media, fundraising, etc.. The work of these folks will include a range of intersectional issues from gender justice, reproductive health, environmentalism, labor unions, homelessness, and more. 

The purpose of our work is to recruit and align movement leaders within the 2TIGE community who are doing the work needed to create the equitable future we’ve been promised for so long.

Through this coalition space, we aim to foster deeper conversations and relationships with one another, to increase collaborations between organizations, and to engage with various experts to positively impact the lives of the 2Spirit, Trans, Intersex, and Gender Expansive community members that we are serving.

What are the goals of the coalition?

Our hope in organizing this coalition is to facilitate better spaces for coalition partners to connect and be in relationship with one another especially through digital community spaces, and through joining regular coalition calls. The frequency of those calls will be decided by coalition members. 


TEP’s commitment to the coalition


  • Maintain at least 1 digital space to increases support and connectivity for organizations who are part of our coalition. 


  • Aim to improve visibility on vital resources, such as funding and training opportunities, especially for 2TIGE-BIPOC led organizations, who are too often excluded from these conversations. 


  • Offer a monthly space and or working group exclusively for ED’s and Founders of 2TIGE led organizations to be in community with one another and to receive additional leadership support


Ready to Apply?

With the help of our coalition partners we can also ensure:

  • At least 5 organizers/organizations participate in supporting and receive support for collaborative campaigns led by other coalition partners in 2024; at least 3 of these campaigns should be initiated by 2TIGE BIPOC organizers/organizations.


  • As a coalition we work together to see at least a 75% engagement rate on at least 1 coalition led campaign by EOY 2024.

Please note, filling out the form found on this site does not guarantee access to the coalition. Each applicant must be able to verify their identity, along with their association with the organization they are claiming to represent in their application. We may also require at least one on camera or in person meeting another member of our coalition, and must receive any required documents that the coalition and or TEP provide, to reduce the likelihood of negative interactions and/or harmful behaviors while in our spaces. This is both a requirement and benefit for everyone.

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