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Thanks to the donations and support of the community around us, Trans Empowerment Project has already been able to answer the calls for help from over 2500 2 Spirit, Trans, Intersex, and Gender-Expansive individuals across the globe!

Below is a list of ways you can contribute to our fundraising efforts, so that we can continue assist in building equitable support for this community:

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Tiltify puts the FUN in Fundraising with leaderboards and personal fundraising dashboards so that you can engage with your own community in the ways that make sense for you! Click on (or copy) the url above to launch your own pre-branded fundraiser for TEP!<P>

Givelively logo https://secure.givelively.org/donate/trans-empowerment-project

Just click the link above and at the bottom of the donation form you will click the icon shown below to create your own fundraiser!

Fundraise on Givelively


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Text 'CLIENTSUPPORT' to 44-321

Take a photo of the QR code below to donate from a mobile device:

Donate through community rewards programs

Community rewards programs are a great way to donate to TEP without spending more than you already do!

Just visit the community giving portal for your favorite stores and look for Trans Empowerment Project as your beneficiary.

Currently we are partnered with Publix, Kroger, Walmart, Paypal, and E-bay for Charity, HumbleBundle, and more!

Can’t find us where you shop? Nominate us yourself, or let us know where we should register by emailing us at: [email protected]

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