Jack Knoxville - Board President

Jack Knoxville (He/They) is a multiple award-winning transformational leader for the progressive movement.

As a Disabled, multracial, melanated, Trans/Intersex individual, he got his start as a leader for change in 2002, when he heard about the use of antiquated sodomy laws being pushed to criminalize homosexuality in South Carolina.

From there, Jack started Free2Be, an organization whose mission was to fight violence and hate crimes through education and awareness, which earned him a spot on the Wall of Tolerance as well as a certificate signed by Rosa Parks in recognition of the work he did.

Jack also became the first Trans masc candidate to run for political office in the Southern United States, when they ran for Mayor of Knoxville, TN in 2015.

Aside from being an activist Jack is a digital strategist who specializes in building power by centering marginalized communities in collaborative systems of support. Outside of this work, Jack’s focus has been on celebrating the joy of being reunited with his twin flame and raising their fur babies. 


Jack Knoxville is a medium brown skinned trans man shown smiling on the beach
Sola Adenekan is a dark-skinned black woman with just over shoulder length hair standing in a powerful pose with her arms folded across her chest in this black and white photo.

Sola Adenekan - Board Member at Large

Sola Adenekan (She/Her) is a social entrepreneur, a transformative connector, and a disruptor. She’s an award-winning filmmaker and winner of the Human Rights Pillar Award For Film, which she shared with several luminaries including former FBI Director, James Comey, Former FOX anchor Shepard Smith, Dr. David Pepper, and The Panama Papers. She is a three-time film grantee of the NY Women’s Foundation, the largest foundation that funds women-led initiatives. She believes in centering emerging and marginalized voices in the media to shape new narratives in society. 

Heather Knoxville - Board Treasurer

Heather Knoxville (she/they) is a Queer, AuDHD, domestic violence survivor turned outspoken advocate for others who are being abused, especially those who are being oppressed because of who they are. She’s passionate about mobilizing allies who will speak up for their marginalized siblings, and their ultimate goal is to build a femme-led network of support across the US. Feel free to chat with Heather about all things social justice, sisterhood, allyship, and/or the collective works of Stephen King!

Heather Knoxville is a white woman with shoulder length pink hair, smiling while holding up a  white coffee mug, branded with Trans Empowerment Project messaging.
Dallas Diaz is a light to medium brown skinned non-binary individual seen smiling. They are wearing dark clothing against a dark background.

Dallas Diaz - Board Secretary

Bio coming soon

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