Trans Employment Project

We’re working to bridge the gap between candidates across the gender spectrum looking for meaningful work and the empowering employers out in the world.

Trans employees face an uphill battle in many facets of our lives. This is especially true for Black, Indigenous, and POC members of the Trans community who have the additional layer of racial inequities to deal with.

Being able to find safe and affirming work shouldn’t be the challenge that it is, yet here we are. 

While the current government administration has worked to erase the protections and identities of our community, we have been hard at work with our accomplices to create change. 

For Employers

Here at TEP, we work directly with employers to create a culture of inclusivity – where Trans employees feel welcomed.

What does it mean to create an affirming place of employment?

It means making sure that our Trans, Intersex, and Gender-Expansive folks have equal access to the same dignity, respect, and resources as our cisgender counterparts. 

From creating inclusive cultures as a team to building trans inclusive policies and beyond, we are here to help! 

If you’re interested in learning more about our work, use the form below to sign up, and let’s talk!

For Employees

Finding work isn’t just about having a paycheck, though it certainly helps.

For many of us, we are excited to join a team and to find a place where we can belong for 8 hours a day. When we have the ability to join a welcoming team, we are able to take pride in the contributions that we bring to the table, although sometimes it can feel difficult to find a seat at the table(s) where we belong. 

Not only are we working to help educate employers on how to be better allies for their trans employees, but we’re also working to give employees the resources needed to advocate for themselves.

 If you are a trans person in search of a workplace where you can thrive, click the link below to get access to all of the resources we offer! 

Learn more about what’s happening in the world of equitable work: 

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