Shifting Power


2024 Organizing Framework

Coming on the heels of our 2023 messaging to ‘Call in our Accomplices’, our 2024 framework has been designed to shift away from conversations aimed at ‘raising awareness’ to encouraging our accomplices to join us in taking actions that center those who are Disabled 2TIGE-BIPOC as we work together to create equitable systems of support.

Jack Knoxville picking up clothing donations

Take Action Now

Sign the petition to the Supreme Court: Affirm the right to adequate housing

Daily Kos Liberation League

National Coalition for the Homeless
Washington, DC

Addressing Food Insecurities

On average 55% of the 675+ community members who requested our help in 2023 indicated that they were hungry and struggling with adequate access to food.

Join TEP in finding and expanding our list of affirming food resources for our clients.

Stream with us

Are you an influencer or streamer who is interested in organizing a fundraiser to help TEP?

Become part of the newest coalition for growing our power and learn how to use your own channels to create Influence for Good


Jack Knoxville is seen tabling during Pride
Clothes from a clothing swap organized by TEP

What is Community Organizing?

Community organizing is when a group of people who share a similar problem, come together to align and collaborate on potential solutions together.

How does organizing help the community?

By leaning into community organizing, we can continue to expand our network of resources for the community by relying on partners to help shoulder some of the weight that comes with providing community support.

Organizing support instead of creating new resources, enables TEP to move out of the way, and to allow others to take the lead, where possible.Β 

It also allows us to avoid doing work in silos and to not waste time recreating resources that already exist, improving capacity and giving us time to focus on deepening our relationships so that we all have the support we need to be successful.

How has TEP utilized Community Organizing?

TEP has launched many organizing initiatives. In fact, TEP was founded through organizing a community clothing swap which attracted over 100 members of the gender expansive community in Knoxville, TN in Dec. of 2016.

Our founder started with a clothing swap specifically because they and other members of the 2TIGE community in the local area, shared a similar problem of not being able to safely access gender affirming clothing.

What Kind of Organizing does TEP utilize in our work?

TEP believes in putting the power of organizing into the hands of the people that need it the most; our organizers ont he ground. We also rely on relational organizing, which is a method of growing relationships with the people that you already know and love, especially to keep our organizers safe, especially while with the rise in hate.Β 

Ready to Take the Lead on Change?

Grow Your Skills as a Community Captain!


Let’s be clear: Everyone has the potential to be a leader!

That being said, community organizing is a great way to find potential leaders who may not have had the opportunity to lead before and to help those folks gain the skills they need to become the leaders they were meant to be.

Enabling us to grow our support on the ground and across the globe,Β  as we collaborate on solutions for the number of issues that our keeping our community disempowered and unable to access the most vital of resources including things like food, clothing, safe shelter, affirming access to work, healthcare, and more.

By leaning into a distributed organizing model, and offering a coalition of support for community organizers, TEP aims to introduce trainings and to provide collaborative spaces for folks woh are interested in taking the lead, to do so authentically and in a way that’s free from white supremacy.

As Anti-Trans legislation ramps up across the entire country, our rights and lives are constantly being placed in jeopardy. It’s very clear, we are a target and can’t rely on the current system to treat us with respect.

If we want to achieve equity, we need to ensure disabled Trans people can thrive.

TEP is working to build new systems of sustainability for Trans people, but we believe we can create a greater impact by doing this work together- with you, our authentic accomplices. We ask that you join us as Community Captains.

Community Captains learn how to build power and advocate for Trans rights through grassroots organizing.

Discover new ways to push back and protect yourself and your community, as well as assist TEP’s growth as an organization. From hosting coordinated events alongside us to learning the skills needed to launch your own campaigns, we can take back our power and build the future we deserve instead of remaining stuck in the present we have.

This program is open to anyone who is ready to do this work, but we do ask that Trans people (especially BIPOC Trans, Intersex, & Gender-Expansive) move to the front of the room.Β