Faqs on Trans EXPERIENCE & Identity 

There is a lot of misinformation out in the world, especially on the subject of Trans identities and the issues they face. We at Trans Empowerment Project seek to change this by providing you ease of access to the honest education and resources necessary to understand our community.


Content on these pages may be incomplete, as we are continuously updating and adding information to reflect the developments within our community. Please be patient as we continue to build upon these educational resources. If you have a query about Trans Identity or related 101 content that has yet to be covered, please reach out to TEP on our contact us page. Thank you!

On Trans Identity

The Basics of Sex, Sexuality, & Gender Identity

What is Trans?


On Allyship

Microaggressive Questions, Comments, & Beliefs

Stand With Trans – Supporting Trans Students

On Intersectional Issues

Guide To Surviving Homelessness

Safety Exit

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