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Finding Gender Euphoria at a Clothing Swap

Clothing is what makes the (Hu)man; or so they say, which is why as our founder, I started TEP with a clothing swap.

I realized that clothing was one immediate form of gender expression that we have access to. Clothing amplifies outwardly the energy within our bodies. It introduces us to the world, without us having to say a word and is one of the many ways that we as humans have to connect to the world around us. Allowing us all to explore who we are, what we’re feeling, what we want to project to the rest of the world and affords comfort, especially against the elements during extreme weather.

Despite the fact that clothing is one of the most abundant resources on our planet, especially in the United States, where we are high subscribers to fast fashion, it can be incredibly difficult to access gender-affirming clothing that is affordable for our community.

From the discomfort of trying to shop in what may be an unaffirming and potentially unsafe space, to not having the cash needed to get the affirming clothing we want/need, clothing is one resource that the 2TIGE community is always in need of.

For the last few years we’ve been shipping out clothing packages to folks in need, but that’s just not sustainable!

So, now we’re asking our community members to join us in hosting clothing swaps across the country to make sure more folks get access to the clothing resources that they need.

Not only that, but clothing swaps can be a lot of fun; especially when organized with friends!  We’ve had folks hold one off-events and also held them as regular functions in Knoxville, TN until COVID hit.

You can organize clothing swaps with friends or open them up to the larger community. They’re a great and affordable way for everyone in the community (including our accomplices) to come together for fun and to freshen up their wardrobes with fresh finds.

ICYMI: Clothing swaps can help protect the earth by ensuring that unwanted clothing ends up in the hands of communities who need them rather than adding to overfilled landfills!

Did you know: “It takes almost 8000 litres of water – what one person drinks in seven years – to make one pair of jeans. And when those jeans are discarded, they join the 21 billion tons of textiles that end up in landfills each year. Of 100 billion items produced yearly, 14 for each human on the planet, three in five will be discarded within the year.”(UN, 2019) & (NRDC.org, 2019)

Check out this list of: 26 Shocking Fast Fashion Statistics & Facts to Know in 2024 from YourSustainableGuide.com

Interested in hosting your own swap? Join our Community Captains Community Cohort and we’ll help you get started!


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