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By: Heather Knoxville (she/they)

In a world that too often echoes with division, Trans Empowerment Project (TEP) hopes to stand as a beacon of unity and love, especially through our transformative “Sisterhood Not Cisterhood” program. As we encourage folks to join our newest campaign, “Louder With Love,” it’s a poignant time to reflect on what it means to truly celebrate womanhood in all its diversity.

As I personally reflect on “Louder With Love” and the growth of the Sisterhood Not Cisterhood program, I am reminded of the many women I’ve interacted with at conferences and workshops – women who are learning how to be better, more intersectional allies; women who are finding themselves, claiming their power, and learning how to lead (and when to follow other leaders); women who are getting out of their comfort zones to try and make the world a better place, even with everything else they carry. 

These are trans women, cis women, BIPOC women, disabled women, white women – all coming together to learn from one another and to build community together. I am in awe of these women, and it has been a pleasure to teach and learn alongside them. Never have I seen “sisterhood” exemplified more than in these spaces, where egos are put aside, and minds are open to learning and, more importantly, hearing. 

The Power of Inclusive Sisterhood

At the heart of our Sisterhood Not Cisterhood program is a simple yet profound belief: every woman deserves recognition, celebration, and empowerment. Here’s why inclusive sisterhood is not just important but essential:

  • Unity in Diversity: Our strength lies not in our sameness but in our diversity. By embracing every woman’s unique experiences and perspectives, we build a more resilient and compassionate community.
  • Breaking Barriers: Historically marginalized groups, including 2TIGE ( 2 Spirit, Trans, Intersex, and Gender Expansive), disabled, and BIPOC communities, have faced systemic barriers to empowerment and recognition. Inclusive sisterhood seeks to dismantle these barriers, ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to thrive.
  • A Larger Community: When we stand together, the community of women isn’t just big; it’s boundless. United, there’s no limit to the change we can enact and the futures we can build.

This actually reminds me of a t-shirt my husband bought for me that says, “Our world needs women who are dangerously awake, fully alive, and unified in heart and purpose.” That rings so true for me, especially right now. Our world feels like it’s on fire, but if we wake up and work together instead of letting ourselves be divided, we can build a world where everyone thrives – that is the purpose we need to be unified under, and we need to be loud about it.

(BTW, you can get one of those t-shirts for yourself from Mahogany Mommies…no affiliation with us, they just make some really cool stuff)

Louder With Love: Why It Matters

The “Louder With Love” campaign is more than a slogan; it’s a call to action. In an age where dividing lines are drawn too quickly and hate can spread with a click, choosing love is a revolutionary act. Here’s how we can all get “Louder With Love”:

  • Drown Out Hate: Every act of love, big or small, has the power to silence messages of hate. Whether it’s through words of support, acts of kindness, or standing up for one another, love is our most potent weapon. Perform a random act of kindness today – and remember to check on your 2TIGE and BIPOC friends; this world is heavy right now.
  • Disrupt the Doom Scroll: In the relentless cycle of negative news and social media toxicity, it’s easy to feel despair. But by amplifying positive stories, achievements, and moments of unity, we can change the narrative together. Make a positive post of your own using our #LouderWithLove hashtag and challenge 3 friends to do the same, or use our customizable social media toolkit for sample posts. 
  • Build a Future on Love: Our dreams for the future are built on the foundation we lay today. By fostering an environment of love and support, we make it possible for every woman to achieve her full potential.

Together, We Are Unstoppable

The message of “Sisterhood Not Cisterhood” and the “Louder With Love” campaign is clear: our love for each other must be louder, stronger, and more enduring than any forces that seek to divide us. It’s a reminder that together, we’re not just a community; we’re a force for change.

As members of the TEP family, whether you’ve been around for a while or you’re just getting here, you’re part of this beautiful, ongoing movement of empowerment and unity. Let’s stand together, louder with love, and show the world the incredible power of inclusivity and unwavering solidarity. 

Looking ahead to a year that is sure to be fraught with tension and repeated attempts at dividing our country, I’m filled with hope and determination because I’ve seen firsthand how collective efforts can weave a tapestry of support and belonging. My pledge this year is simple, but resolute: I will be louder with love, in words and in action – and I hope you’ll join me. 

Together, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can build a future where every person, in all their unique glory, is celebrated and empowered to thrive. 

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