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In Crisis? Let us help!


The inTRANSitions team is working to create sustainable solutions for the vital resources we all need, in order to live our best lives.

By working with partners to develop systems that center the lives of Disabled 2TIGE-BIPOC we can ensure that these solutions are actually equitable and accessible by the communities that need them the most.

To this end, we provide support in the following ways:


Emergency Food and Toiletries Packages

Food is the single most requested item from our community. In 2023 we had almost 400 community members request food as a resource.

Beginning in 2024, we are working with businesses, organizations, and community members everywhere to join us in improving access to food.

Everyone deserves safe access to food. Help us expand our network of safe food resources for the community by becoming a volunteer organizer today!


Gender Affirming Clothing Packages

TEP can provide you with the clothing that best suits you. Let us know sizing, preferences in style/presentation, and what type(s) of garment you’re searching for, and we’ll do our best to prepare a package that satisfies your needs. These packages, at times, also include gender-affirming garments/prosthetics such as binders, packers, and/or STPs.

You can also keep an eye on our Events for Clothing Swaps in your area or register to become an organizer and host a clothing swap with us!


HRT Assistance

Thanks to the help of our friends at Q-Med, TEP was able to pay for and provide HRT assistance for 2TIGE individuals in need.

We are currently working on securing enough funding to be able to continue that work through out 2024.



Want to help?

Employment Assistance

Through Trans Employment Project

TEP’s Trans Employment Project addresses the needs of TIGE individuals by identifying affirming employment.

The project also focuses on providing employers with DEI training and resources on how to show up for the community, allowing them to create safe and affirming environments for all employees across the gender spectrum.

Inmate Services

Through Inmate Advocacy Project 

We provide commissary assistance, gender-affirming clothing packages, and pen pals for Trans* inmates.


Emergency Transport

Reserved for those in unsafe housing situations, TEP can provide transportation to a safe location for you and/or your loved ones.


3rd Party Contacts

Gone through the list and still haven’t found the assistance you’re looking for? No worries! We are happy to help you find the resources you need to thrive.

Note: If you are currently experiencing mental distress, please use either Trans Lifeline – US (877)565-8860 or the Crisis Text Line – Text 741741


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Thriving should be the rule, not the exception! As such, we are happy to provide the above-listed emergency services through our inTRANSitions program.

Due to an unprecedented number of requests received in 2023, our assistance application is currently closed as we catch up on requests.