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Help to grow power within your community by becoming a Community Captain!

Community Captains are our Closest Allies

 The People Ready to Protect Trans Rights Both Nationally and Locally

In As Anti-Trans legislation ramps up across the entire country, our rights and lives are constantly being placed in jeopardy. It’s very clear, we are a target and can’t rely on the current system to treat us with respect.

If we want to achieve equity, we need to ensure disabled Trans people can thrive.

TEP is working to build new systems of sustainability for Trans people, but we believe we can create a greater impact by doing this work together- with you, our authentic accomplices. We ask that you join us as Community Captains.

Community Captains learn how to build power and advocate for Trans rights through grassroots organizing.

Discover new ways to push back and protect yourself and your community, as well as assist TEP’s growth as an organization. From hosting coordinated events alongside us to learning the skills needed to launch your own campaigns, we can take back our power and build the future we deserve instead of remaining stuck in the present we have.

This program is open to anyone who is ready to do this work, but we do ask that Trans people (especially BIPOC Trans, Intersex, & Gender-Expansive) move to the front of the room. 

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