What is Pride?

Pride is a month-long celebration of Queer (LGBTQIA+) culture.

It is not only the jubilation of our people- a month where the expression of our identities is open to the public- but also a commemoration of our activist predecessors, beginning with the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

On June 28th of 1969, police went undercover to raid one of New York City’s most popular gay bars, the Stonewall Inn. It is unsure who exactly threw the fist punch (many credit Marsha P. Johnson, others reference Storme DeLarverie), but that day the patrons of the bar fought back, sparking the Gay Liberation Movement.ย 

Since then, great strides have been made in the U.S for LGBT+ Rights: we are receiving support for HIV/AIDS, gay marriage has been legalized, and individuals serving in the military can be openly queer. However, there is still so much work to be done before queer liberation can be considered a reality.

Whatever Your Gender, Whatever Your Sexuality

You Are Welcome


Educate Yourself

Research LGBT+ identities and terms. Read stories written by queer folks. Watch movies pertaining to queer experiences. Listen to Queer Voices. You can start by taking a look at our FAQs page.


Become A Community Captain

Discover new ways to protect yourself and advocate for others as you help organize and coordinate events. Sign Up now to help build power in your community today.ย 


Speak Up

Queerphobic individuals have been rather outspoken, spreading misinformation and negativity inside and out of our community. It’s time that we Take Back the Narrative. Share your story, and we’ll amplify it.

TEP Invites All to Celebrate!

Trans Job Fair

Coming soon! Attention candidates who are looking to connect with affirming employers: TEP will be holding our first ever Trans Job Fair just ahead of pride! Please note, time(s) are currently subject to change. Stay tuned for more info on this event by joining our...

TRANSJOY! A Pride Kick-off Event

Saturday, May 27th, 12p,-4pm: Join our Trans Empowerment Project community members for a free pride kick-off event centering Trans* Joy! This event includes free gender-affirming haircuts and make-up consultations, HRT education, STI education, local queer atists,...

TWA Event Series

TWA Event Series

November 16 - Go Live with Hannah at 3pm EST! Jump on the call and ask whatever questions you may have on our Community Captains Program or on how TEP digitally organizes! November 18 - Sit down and chat with our founder Jack Knoxville at 12pm EST! We invite you to...

Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

According to Trans Equality, it is against the law to discriminate against trans* folks in the workplace. Between the rise in misinformation and the rise in hate, our community doesn't always know how to protect ourselves from this type of violence. This event will...

Voices For Visibility

Voices For Visibility

  Join us for our 2nd annual Voices for Visibility event! This virtual concert will be broadcast online viaย Tiltify from 7pm-9pm EDT. Features a full line-up of Trans* and Gender Expansive performers including: 2 a.m. Ricky Adeem the Artist Apollo Flowerchild...

Empowering Your Best Trans Self

Empowering Your Best Trans Self

Trans Employment Project presents: Empowering Your Best Trans Self; a workshop for trans* empowerment during the job search. This workshop will consist of: an individual analysis of job-seeking, a review of tools that will help mitigate the stressors of job searching...