Reproductive Justice Fund

Make no mistake, the weakened protections for access to safe abortions, are an attack against bodily autonomy for all.

Although language around this issue, often becomes very gendered, Queer, Trans, Intersex, and Non-Binary individuals are severely impacted by the denial of bodily autonomy. Increased barriers to safe reproductive abortions, access to contraceptives, sexual health screenings, and various other reproductive services have already taken a heavy hit, as the medical providers who do this work have been forced to close their doors in unsupportive states.

We at TEP want to ensure that our community has access to the vital resources we need for our health and autonomy

That’s why we have launched the Reproductive Justice Fund.

This fund will assist in advancing access to reproductive health care in whatever ways we are able to protect this community!

To donate, fill the form below.

Additionally, we are asking you to raise your voice!

All of us need to speak up, and to speak loud for our right to bodily autonomy! Add your voice for safe abortion access by signing this petition here and consider sharing your own story here.

If you are interested in joining us in our work to advance equity through the protection of bodily autonomy, we encourage you to follow us on social to stay informed of all of the additional ways you can help ensure we all thrive!

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