Trans Empowerment Project is moving the Trans community out of crisis and into empowerment by working with accomplices to improve access to vital resources to ensure that our most marginalized community members, Disabled 2TIGE-BIPOC, can thrive and live their best lives.

Our agenda is simple:




The 2TIGE community includes folks who are 2-Spirit, Trans, Intersex, and Gender-Expansive. BIPOC includes folks who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. While we do our work for everyone, we center our focus on the liberation and success of Disabled 2TIGE-BIPOC as this is the most marginalized of communities and therefore, have the least access to the most vital of resources.

The work we’re doing:

Jack Knoxville is seen tabling during Pride

Organize for 2TIGE lives

Whether you are a longtime influencer for a community 5 million or just getting started in learning how to find and realize your voice, we invite you to join us by taking and leading actions with us in your local area or within your fave digital spaces. 

Disrupt the doom scroll!

It is essential to recognize the transformative power of joyful messaging. By consciously choosing to engage with positive and uplifting content, we nurture a culture of hope and resilience. Joyful messaging acts as a beacon of light, guiding us through challenging times with a reminder of the beauty and strength that lies within each of us and our community.

Louder With Love logo created by Trans Empowerment Project shows an open mouth with the words 'louder with love' inside of a purple heart.
Image shows a cartoon like drawing of a dark skinned non-binary individual using a megaphone to call in our accomplices.

Level up your learning

Equity only exists when we center the most marginalized members of our community in the systems of support we are creating.

However, not everyone feels they have a safe space to learn. Therefore, TEP has created multiple DEIB trainings to grow your skills as an authentic accomplice; especially in the workplace. We also offer several keynotes.

We’re here to ensure our helpers have what they need to grow!


Take Back the Narrative and Reclaim Your Power

One of the most powerful tools in our toolbox is storytelling. However, we have not always been the ones in control of our own narrative. Resulting in egregious amounts of misinformation, which is actively being used to silence and exclude our voices from community narratives. However, 2TIGE people exist. We’ve always existed and it’s time that others hear our stories as well

Two fists are shown being raised. The one on the left is blue and holding a microphone. The one on the right is. pink and holding a pencil. Both are powerful tools for reclaiming one's power.
Protect Africa

TEP Africa

Transphobia is a global issue that is plaguing folks everywhere. From an increased number of anti-trans bills moving across the government to the increased levels of violence that threaten our safety.

Through TEP Africa, we are working with organizers on the ground who are fighting for survival, due to the rise in queer and transphobic misinformation and the rampant aim to criminalize our community members.

Together, we are working with them and other organizations and coalition partners to grow support for the liberation of our Trans-family members everywhere. 


june, 2024

We’re recruiting

We’re looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of work. Interested in volunteering? Have an idea for work you want to do together? Send us a message and include a quick pitch for the work you’re interested in doing!


Safety Exit

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